MVTi is where I write about all manner of metaverse technologies.

The term metaverse was coined by the author Neal Stephenson in his novel titled Snow Crash, where the story’s protagonist (Hiro Protagonist) enters a 3D world called the metaverse. That term was then more acutely defined in a seminal work on future technologies called the Metaverse Roadmap. In it, the authors describe two continua which create a quadrant diagram for classifying metaverse technologies. The quadrant is made up of two axis one which defines a technology’s focus – internally or externally, and the other defining range of augmentation through simulation. Since reading it, I use the quadrant to classify technologies and have a common taxonomy and framework from which to view these technologies. I have yet to find a need for an expansion of the definitions used within. These technologies are lifelogging, virtual worlds, mirror worlds, and augmented reality.

Overall, here are some tidbits about me: I’m a technology lover – all technology. And aviation. Oh and processes. I’m a process guy who is always looking for a way to optimize things (mainly processes and people’s lives) in a meaningful way.